1. When the weather is good, it’s like the sun, the leaves, and the playful breeze are all beckoning you to come out and have a little banter with them.

    'Ditch your office and bathe in my radiance!'

    'Step away from the computer and feel us dancing delicately around your feet!'

    'Aircon too cold? Warm to my gentle caress of your hair!'

    It’s an inviting change to my monitor, that’s for sure. It’s nice just to take in the sights and sounds of life around you and watch and listen as people go about their business, oblivious to your observations. And it doesn’t even have to take long. A few minutes of fresh air, nice foliage, and people walking their dogs (if they’re puppies, that’s a bonus) can do wonders for your frazzled soul. Go on, it’s nice out. :)

    Going Walkies from here.

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